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You've reached the GitHub Public API limitation

GitStory uses the GitHub Public API which have a usage rate limitation for non-authenticated users, you've just reached that limit.

Please consider sign in using your GitHub account to be able to continue using GitStory, or please wait for 1 hour.

Privacy Policy


GitHub account

GitStory uses your account to generate a token on your behalf that is used to get data from the GitHub API

GitStory Connect's only purpose is to generate a token to allow you to make requests on the GitHubAPI without limitations, the following permissions required are:

Your private repositories are not accessible by GitStory Connect, only public repositories are supported (GitStoryKit)


We use Plausible Analytics, an alternative independent, minimal web analytics tool

Plausible analytics

Data Collection

GitHub Connect

No data is being collected, there is no backend for GitStory, the web app is an interface interacting directly with GitHub through the GitHubAPI

Personal data

No personal data are collected such as :

  • IP Adresses
  • Individual data
  • No cookies are used

You can explore the complete list of collected data points below :

Plausible Datapoints

All data is in aggregate only

No tracking across devices

We do not track people across their devices. All the data is isolated to a single device only. There is no way to know whether the same person visits a site from more than one device.

No tracking across websites and apps

We do not track people across websites and apps that they visit. All the data is isolated to a single website only. There is no way to know what other websites someone visits

All data is isolated to a single day

All the data is isolated to a single day only. There is no way to know whether the same person comes back to a site on another day.

No cookies and other persistent identifiers

We do not generate any persistent identifiers either. We generate a random string of letters and numbers that is used to calculate unique visitors on a website and we reset this string once per day. This makes us compliant with the different cookie laws and privacy regulations such as GDPR and PECR. By not using cookies you do not need to obtain consent from the visitors to store and retrieve data from their devices. It’s one less thing to worry about and annoy your visitors with.


Analytics Server

GitStory Analytics server is hosted on a european server, This ensures that all analytics data is being covered by the European Union’s strict laws on data privacy

Analytics Server address

  • Hosting : Scaleway Elements (Online SAS - 8 rue de la Ville l’Evêque, 75008 Paris)
  • Server : Amsterdam

Web Server

We use Vercel as a front-end platform to host & deploy GitStory